With our advice, your credit application will be successful

  • March 16, 2020

Those who wish to complete a loan with a bank sometimes make mistakes when filling out the form. In certain cases, additional information or information about the applicant’s financial situation may be important in accepting your credit.

Certain points must be observed carefully, in order to optimize the success of your order. You should also know what are the points to which banks agree on the importance and how to evaluate your request.

How Banks Work?


Banks carefully examine each credit application, as a general rule, this is a considerable amount. So it is understandable that it is not borrowed without certain security.

In principle, two means of control are used: the examination of solvency and budget. For the latter, it is your ability to pay monthly fees that will be assessed. Thus, their wages and expenses are compared in order to determine the margin, which is the amount that remains at their disposal.

This procedure is required by the Consolidation Act. For the analysis of your solvency, it is your willingness to respect your contracts that are examined. For this, your payment habits will be analyzed by statistical means and clarifications will be requested from the poursuites office.

Fill in the credit application – what to pay attention to


Since banks do not easily accept a loan, you must complete your application carefully and conscientiously. Our long experience has shown us that the following advice can enable you to achieve your desired success:

  • All wages must be tested. Ask your current employer to give you a salary certificate that you keep safe. This is valid for accessory gains.
  • Make the total of all possible earnings for your order. A second proposer, like the wife, considerably increases the opportunities to obtain a loan.
  • Submit your credit application during a period when you were not fired
  • Most banks ask for a fixed job, 3 months minimum. That is why it is preferable to wait for the end of the trial period to send your credit application.
  • Good payment morality increases the prospect of obtaining a credit, which is why you must pay your credit cards (at least the minimum amounts) and your invoices respecting deadlines
  • Require those who issue your payment or credit card that any codes, from the previous amounts, be eliminated when you meet your financial obligations
  • Ask for credit before being on poursuites
  • Each credit declined negatively influences other exams. That is why you should go to a serious credit intermediary and provide the appropriate documents.
  • If your loan wish has no opportunity to be accepted, you must apply later.
  • Any preceding credits have an influence on your current solvency. He who has always fulfilled his financial obligations in time will be rewarded for his morality
  • Less reliable behavior negatively influences your creditworthiness.
  • Credit institutions agree on the importance of personal data, such as private and personal telephone as well as e-mail.

Banks like stability


Banks like stability when they look at solvency. This is valid for moving house and boss. The more you live and work on the same site, the better your ability to obtain credit will be considered.


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